Monday, July 1, 2013

Vol. 2 @YESDailyKup Top 10 Full Kup #YESBlog


written by @KoffeeB

This is the top 10 rundaown of the last 30days. Who gone get dissed and who gone get praised. I’m gonna take my time and give you the rundown of all the gossip that’s been going around town.

 1. Gotta say Congratulations to Kim-Ye, on June 15th Kim gave birth to a healthy baby.

2.    2Chainz got robbed man them Goons weren’t playin. Then Chainz tried to lie retracting everything they were sayin. Them goons was like, “iight you gone see.” Next thing you know they postin his credit card and I.D.

3.      Now who’s having the worst month EVER? Paula Deen and Aaron Hernandez did some shit that wasn’t cleaver!

4.     Paula Deen going around saying the “N” word what is that you say? She calling folks Niggers!

 5.      Aaron Hernandez killed Odin Lloyd for nothing! Thought hommie was gonna tell a secret so Hernandez started buggin! I don’t know all the facts but ya’ll stay tune, because I know everything gone hit the fan soon!

6.    Why is everybody always on Amber Rose nuts! If Wiz Khalifa like it why yall worried about her gut! Ya’ll gotta remember that she’s a normal lady, one day she’ll loose the access weight from having baby.

7.      Now I didn’t wanna go there with MJ, but was the King of pop actually Gay? The Feds claim that Michael Jackson was playing around with little boys and was giving them money to play with more than just his toys. The FBI claims that they find some pay off files that could land about two dozen men on trial.

8.     On another note Rapper Foxxy Brown took a nosedive on stage! Guess it’s time for you to sit down and act your age. J/k Ms. Brown I still think you tight you just took a wrong turn when you should have went right.

9.      Cassie it still relevant and I just don’t get it! I guess that what happens when you let Puff Daddy hit it!

10.  June ended with a roar!! Who was your fave on the B.E.T awards?

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