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@LegendaryYD Interview: New Comer with Big Dreams. #YESBlog

YD Interview

by Jacqueline Wah

I had a lil chit chat with up and coming recording artist YD, from Madison, WI.  He's a young man who is fully focused on his music career. There's a lot of talent in Madison, but the hip hop music scene gets slept on in that area. YD is about to change that. Read about who YD is here --->  Who is YD?

¥£$: What has been the most exciting part in your career so far? 

          The most exciting part of my career the progress I see , cause I started from nothin . And I like how my city catching on to my style

¥£$: Can you tell us some of your short and long term goals? 
       Some of my short term goals is to make sure everyone in my city know who I am , hit more blogs and do more interviews and performances 

¥£$:Who has been a big influence in your music career celebrity or family/friend? 
            Some of my long term goals are to stay humble threw everything tht God is blessing me with , to be one of the best to ever do it , and to get some national and global buzz 

¥£$:Why do you feel like your the next to blow? 
       Some of my influences are my Jay Z , dizzy wright , j.cole , big Sean and Kendrick Lamar .

¥£$:How has the year been treating you so far? What type of things do you have planned for 2013?             
    I feel like I'm the next to blow because my lyrics hold content and substance . The thinks I choose to talk about topics that people will come across in they're everyday life . I feel my music is timesless. You can listen to one of my songs ten years from now and still enjoy it 

This year been good to me so far . I feel my fans and friends are more in tune with me as far as an artist . I have a lot of good things planned for 2013 y'all just gone have to watch me to see

¥£$: When are you dropping new music? 
      I been working on alot of new music Lately . I'm dropping a new song this coming Sunday so stay on the look out for it.
¥£$: How can fans keep up with you on the regular? 
        Fans can keep up wit me on twitter follow me @LegendaryYD and on my fan page on FB "YD". Y'all can hit me up anytime I like interacting with the people that enjoy my music.

¥£$: You've worked with TED PARKS and you both did a phenonaml job on the song, why isn't the video up anymore? 
        Yeah Ted park is a good friend of mine . We got a lot of works in progress we ain't ever get to because we both be grinding but more work from me and Ted is overdue , and as far as the vid I don't know what happened to it we put it on his YouTube channel and he said it got removed for unknown reasons . 

 ¥£$: Who are you currently working with as far as DJ's and producers? 
        I work with a few producers like my guy THP (Trey Hits Productions) that what he go by he produced a lot of beats that I wrote songs to he putting together some beats for a couple diffrent projects a got going on. And the other producer I work wit is Victory , hands down the best to do it with the beats in my city . Be expecting me and him to come together and make some classics 

 ¥£$: What kind of music can we expect from YD?
         Good music is what you can expect from YD, I say that cause EVERYBODY wanna be a rapper where im from and i hear alot of stuff that just aint good even in the industry  and I feel like what I'm doing will change all that. I got lots of callabs and a mix tape coming soon so everybody be on the look out  

 ¥£$: Why solo? 
    And being solo for me is easier . I did the whole group thing and it ain't work out . Doing what I'm doing now I ain't gotta worry about nobody but me and my efforts to Tryna get where I want so I chose the solo route 


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