Sunday, June 2, 2013

@YESDailyKup Top 10 FULL KUP! #YESBlog


written by @KoffeeB

This is the top 10 rundaown of the last 30days. Who gone get dissed and who gone get praised. I’m gonna take my time and give you the rundown of all the gossip that’s been going around town.

     1. Why Kanye gotta be so rude!? Every time he in public he got a lil ‘Tude. Once again you gave the paparazzi something they can roll, when you was looking down you ran dead into the pole

2.     Lil Wayne might have to find another pleasure, IDK what it is but he keep having seizures. Now maybe it’s the weed, maybe it’s the liquor, could be lack of sleep that’s added to the mixture.

3.      I’m glad my fave twins can look on the brighter side because my boy J. Cole put they names in a rhyme.  He said: If I had one wish, I would f**k Tia and Tamera, at the same time, and put name tags on they ti**ies so I don’t get they names wrong.” They had a conversation going back and forth on twitter. J. Cole was tryin to get them not to listen. But they both came back and basically said it was decent saying that they like the way the beat hit. 

4.     Before we had Bow Bow, Chris Brown, and Nelly, we had the group Kriss Kross R.I.P Chris Kelly.

5.      “Hide Ya kids, Hide ya wives” Cuz Antoine Dodson lookin for her tonight. Said that he’s trying to live right since he became a Hebrew Israelite.

6.     New York, New York where u at!? Ya guy Mr. Cees keep getting the neck. Hot.97 tell ya man to quit and come out the closet so he can get legal d#%k!

7.      VH1 about to bring it to you raw! Keke Palmer, Lil Mama, and Drew Sidora. Can these girls play the role of TLC, will it make it or will it fail epically?

8.     Girl you done got slim and sheik! Check out this pic from ya girl Monique! 

9.      OOOOO My Jesus! Did you hear the news about Beysus!? E! News gave the prego confirmation, so from the ¥£$ Movement, CONGRATULATIONS!!

10.  Can’t forget Miguel drop kickin’ hoes and Drake’s cool! 

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