Friday, June 7, 2013

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Style Mix: Summer Outfit

Written by @Jackie_Said 

         Summer is officially HERE! Everyone is out of school, pools are starting to open up and the nights are getting longer, so its time to pack away your winter clothes and unleash your summer gear. If you’re like me and in dire need to go summer shopping but don’t know where to start…start with Karmaloop! 



 “Saturday Swag” is an outfit that’s trendy and doesn’t take much effort to put together. This outfit is for a chill day of hanging with friends, going to the movies or just eating out at your favorite bar/restaurant.  A relaxed trendy outfit with style power!

   Camouflage is the inspiration for this outfit.  Camo is hitting heavy and designers are getting creative with this trendy pattern. The bucket hat is making it's way back into the scene and it's refreshing to see because everyone is stuck on snapbacks. Their also cooler than snapbacks because they give you shade all around. Tank tops are always summers #1 tops, but this color/pattern block tank really makes the whole outfit. The red cargo shorts are a must!  The red shorts keeps the outfit lively and allows the eyes to flow up and down with ease. Last but not least an outfit isn't complete with out shoes. The shoes of choice is of course CHUCKS! All black chucks are perfect for this outfit because it adds simplicity and a laid back feel.  Jewelry adds an umph to every outfit, but for this particular outfit you don't want to over do it because it's a chill day, so a nice gold watch and necklace to match is all you need to finish off.


You can find all these items below on ! 

  1. Stick Up Kids: Camo bucket hat. 
  2. 10 Deep: The Chaos Runner tank.
  3. TGIFresh: 30 inch Micro Jesus Piece in Gold. 
  4. LRG: The Grow On cargo shorts in red. 
  5. Converse
  6. Flud Watches 

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