Sunday, October 17, 2010

Welcome to My......DORM ROOM!

So im bbming my friend and she's telling me about this group from Chicago called the Gemini Twinz (Gtwinz) and I'm like...WHO? she was like "You don't know the Gemini Twinz" and I'm like "Naw"  so after that point I started to do my research. While researching this is what I came up with....

NOW YOU TELL ME THEY DON'T HAVE TALENT..... It's the perfect song right now because school has started back and college kids all know the fun time to be had in the Dorm Room no matter what you getting into. Lovin the way they are out and about in downtown Chicago the scene fits the video so well. 

I'm ashamed  that I didn't know of them before. They are very talented and after watching some of their Youtube videos they show diversity in different covers that they do. One of my favs is by Jarrell doing Moments of Love cover  

This Monday October 18th their dropping their single "Dorm Room" for download. Presented by their record label ONE ENTERTAINMENT.  Make sure you download it Three times so they can reach 5,0000 make them TOP 10! Join the movement of #TEAMGTWINZ 

Buy "DORM ROOM".Download "DORM ROOM".Watch "DORM ROOM"


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