Tuesday, August 13, 2013

#TalentTuesday: @NanaRosa__ #NailArt

Nail Art

written J. Wah


 Nana Rosa is one of our loyal subscribers from Milwaukee that always shows love to us, so we showing some love back. Nana has been doing her own nails for sometime now and she's good at it. She's not a professional but certainly has the potential to be one!  

     Nana's talent his a very valuable one. As a woman I like taking good care of my nails, but if I could design my own nails (neatly) I would save so much money. 

Follow Nana NanaRosa_ [Twitter/IG] for more pics of her nail designs and if your in the Milwaukee area and need your nails done think of Nana she might be able to hook you up!  

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