Tuesday, February 5, 2013

@LegendaryYD: Young and Focus #YESBlog


Writen by Jacqueline G. 

David Howard is mostly known by his stage name YD short for Young David. YD is an 18-year-old recording artist from Wisco (Wisconsin), representing Milwaukee and Madison.   YD says he, “Grew up in a house hold where music was used to signify our emotions.” which lead him to start writing and reciting poetry for family and friends at the age of seven.  At the age of eight, he started writing raps with friends and at 10 years old he picked up singing after listening to singers such as Usher and Sammie. At the age of 13 YD moved to Madison from Milwaukee in 2007 and joined a grouped called “Young DeucesZ” the same year.

            YD was the singer in the group and wrote all of his lyrics, choruses and song concepts for Young Deucesz. The groups’ success was well known within the music community in Madison. They’ve opened up for Gorilla Zoe, Ray Nitti, Gucci Mane, Twista, Day 26, New Boyz and many more. Their popularity landed them a write up in 608 Magazine as well as an award for “Best Up and Coming Group” in Madison.  With all of their previous success the group unfortunately broke up and everyone went their separate ways in early 2011.

            YD is fresh out of high school and has his mind fully focused on his solo career. He’s partnered up with local Madison heavy, Ted Park, and dropped videos like “The Arrival” and has dropped covers on his YouTube and Soundcloud pages. 

            YD is young and focused on his crafts those two traits together are remedies for success. Keep posted here for new things to come from this young artist. 


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