Monday, October 15, 2012

Robin Hood’s Conviction

"Just how much are you in the hole?"

     "It is not a secret that most college attendees in the lower-middle class, graduate from their designated institution with significant amounts of debt." - Bentrice Jusu 

My childhood friend, Bentrice Jusu,  has put together a video that all college students and soon to be college students should take a look at. Robin Hood's Conviction introduces a group of students from Wake Forest University in North Carolina, sharing their debt numbers as well as their story. 
The beginning of the video really touches me because the person you first hear is someone I know personally. The video is split in two: on one side of the video you have Bentrice literally digging a whole in the ground and on the other side you hear students from Wake telling you their story. 

Go to Bentrice.Com for more info! 

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