Friday, October 12, 2012

Fashion Forward: Double R from USDLA

¥£$ Presents...

Fashion Forward

Vegas has treated the ¥£$ Team very well. Thanks to Savannah, from Tao Beach, for hooking us up with VIP all weekend. Thanks too Lil Jon for boosting up our likes on Instagram lol. Big thanks to Dot Biz from USDLA for being the first of many Fashion Forward pics for ¥£$ Fashion Friday. 

Picture taken by @Jackie_Said iPhone

We met Duble R at the airport in Vegas. We were coming down from our celebrity high after just meeting Lil Jon and the stylish presence of Duble R caught our eye and Koffe and I locked eyes and said, “That guy is fashion forward. Fashion forward means, you own your style. Not swag, freshness or dougie, STYLE! Fashion forward also means being a creator and not just following a trend. Dot Biz  has all the qualifications. His light/dark brown messy fro, with his white crew neck butt head sweatshirt, black sweats, black and red stripped socks and leopard Vans all made a clear statement. All the previous items may not sound like they go well together, but they worked well for Dot Biz. Everyone knows that all outfits don’t look good on eeveryone, but it looked good on Biz.

Not only is Double R fashion forward, but he’s also a musician. He’s part of the duo group USDLA, which has been in the works for some time, but just now getting together.

Their EP “Organic” has some quenching tracks because we’ve been thisty for some new sounds! 


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