Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Who is Roxie Jo?

Roxie Jo 

written by Jacqueline 

I was late night Facebooking and a Facebook Friend posted this video....

This Facebook friend happened to be Roxie Jo herself. Ms. Jo is from Chicago and  is delivering a diverse style in her music: Pop, R&B, Funk, House and more. This particular song caught my attention because of the name and the face that went with it. Roxie Jo gives you the unexpected ,when you see her you won't expect songs like "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" and "Time of Your Life" to be sung by the same person.  "Time of Your Life" is song where you hear the R&B side of Ms. Jo as well as the storytelling, one of the key things I love about music. To put the icing on the cake she's also a songwriter and has studied all types of different music, which can explain her diveristy.  Roxie Jo is refreshing to hear and ready to hear the demo/mixtape when it drops until then....

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