Thursday, July 29, 2010


¥₤$™ Creativity

Introducing THE WRITOR: Britney Morgan...

Britney is a student at UW-Milwaukee finishing up her degree in Sociology.
She enjoys works in Youth Development and in her spare time enjoys
writing (of course) and singing. These are some of her pieces that she's written.

Dear love, I could feel your heartbeat on the other side of the await my knock, I await your invitation...we are both at a stand still...for now...

...I slipped you a note through the mail exchange, letting you know I would be right back...I felt you begin to weep so I left my heart at the base of your frame as a sealed promise...look for me tomorrow beneath the new moon...

…I arose to a new day’s rays of light, with still thoughts on you so I inhaled deeply because to me, your presence is like a breath of fresh air and just the thought of you keeps me alive…

…I waited for you by the gates, you never showed…I left a tear drop by our secret place, look for me tomorrow maybe…I post-poned my hopes of forever because today proved to be uncertain…Please let me not walk this path alone, I just wanted to sit and hold your hand…we can try again tomorrow…maybe…

…I smiled in my sleep last night, basking on your silhouette in my dreams…you were there but I couldn’t hold you, you were under construction but I couldn’t mold you…every time I reached out my hand, distance was created…in my eyes you are already a masterpiece and I wouldn’t dare tamper with perfection…so I just marvel at your benevolence until I stop dreaming…wait for me, I will soon close my eyes again…

…I stood in the rain, trying to feel the pain of the wind but, all I could do was smile…reflecting on the many nights we would dance around and cry out to God in thanks for the outpour…secretly, I was also thanking Him for you…even now, just when I think you know everything, there are still things needed to be revealed…I wonder if you were thanking Him for me too…I hope so…

I love it
When we're slowing dancing on a busy street
Whenever I'm with you
I begin to feel
So invincible
So fearless
And care free
I'm up in your arms
Trying to find myself
The dependency is weakening my spirit
And what I know to do is right
Is the choice I would
Much rather pass along to another
The intent is
Not to bruise your heart
Doctor's orders tell me to
Take two doses of leaving you alone
And see how I feel in the morning
Because he knew one dose
Would only leave me leaping
Right back into the heart of a relapse
Causing me to be molded into a repeat offender
And violate my parole
Here I sit chained at the wrist by emotional lock down
It seems as if they don't trust me or something

Pre-teen Group Leader

COA Youth & Family Centers

Office: (414) 263-8383 ext. 144


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